Retreaded Tires, Retread Tires, and Tire Retreading

Retreaded Tires and Retread Tires are a very cost effective component of your business. WWF is the industry leader in retreaded tires and tire retreading and has a full selection in stock and ready to ship.

Our highly experienced staff is on call to assist you in locating and shipping any of our retreaded tires directly to you. With over 4000 different OTR tires, if for some reason we don’t have your exact retread tires in stock, we can find and get them quickly, easily, and affordably. Contact us today and get a quote!


Retreaded and Repaired Tire Sizes

Bias or Radial

Including but not limited to


  • 13.00x24
  • 14.00x24
  • 17.5x25
  • 20.5x25
  • 23.5x25
  • 26.5x25
  • 29.5x25
  • 29.5x29
  • 33.25x29
  • 29.5x35
  • 33.25x35
  • 37.25x35
  • 18.00x33
  • 21.00x35
  • 24.00x35
  • 27.00x49
  • 30.00x51
  • 33.00x51
  • 35/65x33
  • 45/65x45
  • 50/65x51


WWF has provided retreaded tires and tire retreading for over 30 years. From the smallest 20 inch to the largest 63 inch, WWF Inc knows OTR tires!


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